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Daisy Coffin

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Description: Daisy Coffins offer a truly beautiful alternative over other natural coffins with the strength and rigidity of more traditional styles.
Engineered and hand crafted with both the environment and you in mind the biodegradable coffins offer a dignified and less formal solution made from wonderful natural materials.
Sizes: Coffin sizes
6’4” x 22” x 13’
6’1” x 20” x 13’
5’9” x 18” x 13’
5’6” x 16” x 13’
The sizes shown are the measurements inside the top frame. The actual length and width of the coffin will allow an extra 2” approximately.
Additional: Name Plates
Please specify the shape and colour of the back plate and name plate you require when ordering your coffin.
We offer an engraving service and can supply a completed name plate in 24 hours from receipt of your order.
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