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Body/Coffin Storage Rack

Description: Constructed in 2" x 1" 16G tube with 2" diameter ballbearing rollers. provisions for screwing to the floor
Sizes: rack size (erected)
length: 1930mm
width: 820mm
height: 1442mm
weight: 88.98kgs

rack size (dismantled)
length: 1982mm
width: 770mm
height: 216mm

tray sizelength: 1917mm
width: 533mm
height: 38mm
weight: 16kgs
Colours: Epoxy coated finish
Additional: This product can be used either in, or out of the fridge.
Braked castors can be fitted if required at extra cost.
Delivered dismantled: only a rubber hammer required and a few minutes to assemble.
Can be made 2, 3 or 4 tier, and shelf height to suit your own requirements.